Doug LaRue - artist biography


Doug LaRue in Bolivia

Art is a way to create a unique path through life that will leave a trail of conceptualizations that will hopefully invoke thought and feelings that will bring about passion and inspiration. My favorite mediums are ink, paint and photography.

“As a painter I like to explore conceptual expressions of moments that transcend normality. Enhanced moments of clarity or perceived confusion that lead to epiphany or inspiration through reflection and honest self-observation. Over the years my studio has had various beloved patrons that have supported our efforts for creative projects including ArtCommissions, Installations, Publications and films focused on Archeology, Anthropology, Art, Music, and other narratives.


Exposed to a wide range of creative expression at an early age Doug La Rue embraced the raw organic nature of painting expressed by his mother, an accomplished Oil Painter and the technical aspects of Photography and Design from his father, an Engineer. In elementary school Doug would draw muscle cars and sell them to his friends for their milk money.

He began to win art contests by 8th grade and flew through advanced honors Art classes in high school. LaRue attended summer classes in photography at Southern Methodist University. He interned with several photographers before college including Dan Coleman, a family friend and Fine Art Photographer who studied and worked alongside Ansel Adams in the 1960’s. As member of the yearbook staff his team won a national publication design award and was featured in a documentary film which led to a college scholarship. He graduated from Texas A&M University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Environmental Design while working as a photojournalist and artist for newspapers, magazines and for Associated Press and United Press International.

After graduation Doug spent three years as a Medical Illustrator for the Texas Veterinary Medical Center at Texas A&M University where he continued to study art by attending specialized workshops. Most notably the Advanced Airbrush Workshops at the Smithsonian Institute in Washington, D.C. LaRue moved to Austin, Texas, to take a position as Art Director for The Littlest Book Company. The challenges and friendships that grew from the publishing company allowed Doug to venture into creatively related fields like Architecture, Cinematography, Film Editing and Producing / Directing a Screen Actors Guild Independent Film.

His work captures conceptual moments by merging the flowing brushwork of an expressive artist combined with the lighting and framing of a seasoned photographer. His award winning digital skills perfectly compliment his traditional talents. La Rue’s style is deeply rooted in the European and Latin artistic traditions, drawing particularly on the work of such greats as Rembrandt, Vincent van Gogh, Remedios Varo, Gustav Kilmt and Massimo Scolari. His work has been commissioned or acquired by a few high profile public figures (politics and music) in the United States and others from Europe and Asia.


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